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Driver's License Services

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Renew your Idaho Driver's License or ID Sign Inn/a
Replace lost driver’s license or ID Sign Inn/a
Driver's License Record Search Sign Inn/a
Driver's License Status Check Sign In Check
Driver's License Reinstatement Sign Inn/a

Vehicles Services

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Vehicle Registration Renewal Sign In Renew
Order Personalized License Plates Sign Inn/a
Personalized Plate Text Checksn/a Check
Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Records Search Sign Inn/a
Title Status Checker Sign In Check
Registration Status Checker Sign In Check
Register a Vehicle Purchased from an Idaho Dealer Sign Inn/a
Release of Liability Sign Inn/a
Report Insurance and Pay Registration Reinstatement Feesn/a Visit Drive Insured Portal

Other Online Services

ServiceITD Service
Order Souvenir License Plate
Novelty plate not legal for vehicle use
Order Souvenir Plates
Crash Reports Order Crash Report Subscriber Services

ServiceSubscriber Link
Drivers License Record (DLR) Search Subscriber Login
Driver Record Dashboard (DRD) Subscriber Login
Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Records Search Subscriber Login
Driver’s License Status Check Subscriber Login
SR22/26 Filings Subscriber Login

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